Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet

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Cost-effective, high-speed connectivity within and between cities.

Metro Ethernet QuickFacts

  • It offers customers high-speed connectivity between multiple sites with increased economies of scale on higher bandwidths.
  • You can provision your own value-add Layer 3 services on top of the MetroClear service.
  • The Ethernet interface is relatively inexpensive and bandwidth can be added in small increments via software changes – you only pay for what you need. 
  • Metro Ethernet is a cost effective alternative to ATM and offers higher bandwidth options.


  • Granular bandwidth pricing on a “per bandwidth unit (Mbps)” basis.
  • Metro Ethernet integrates easily with existing infrastructure.
  • ME is a Quality of Service (QoS) enabled service and offers scalability based on customer needs.
  • Openserve provides and manages all TCEs for the solution reactively.

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